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Guangzhou Honzawa Metal Products Co,. Ltd


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                DetailedAbout Us

                          Guangzhou Honzawa Metal Products Co., Ltd is a company for professional of R&D, manufacture and trade services among integrated logistics system solutions. Having a production area of 8,000 square meters, the Factory is located in Panyu District of Guangzhou, China and equipped with all kinds of roller forming, pressing,  bending, welding, tooling machines and other equipments. The Company has an excellent and serious team for design and production, which customizes the best and the most appropriate comprehensive logistics system solutions, and always provides high quality, economic, comprehensive and convenient one-stop service.

                           My Top Recommendations: Bicycle Racks, Table Trolleys, Cage Trolleys, Metal Containers, Metal Pallets, Stack Racks, Warehouse Cages, Auto Parts Trolleys, Storage Racks, OPK  Pallet Trucks, Osaka Taiyu Oil Drum Handling Trucks, etc.


                1. PRESS Model Double Deck Bike Rack
                2. INDUSTRIAL  PARTTIONS
                3. ROLLER
                4. TROLLEY
                5. DRIVE  RACK
                6. FORKLIFT
                7. PULL Model Double Deck Bike Rack
                8. LOGISTIC  TROLLEY
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